Marian Caparrós

Marian Caparrós


Place of birth
Height (cm)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
Hair length
Housing options
Palma, Dublin, London, Belfast, Barcelona, Madrid
Castilian Spanish(native dialect)
Driver's licenses
Car class, Motorcycle class
Other licenses
Sports coastal shippers certificate under sail (up to 12 SM)

Vita entries

Primary professional training

Lee Strasberg (Los Angeles/New York)

Other Education & Training

DCU, Dublin City University, Ireland
UVA, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain


Midnight Mambo (Feature film)
Rememberer (Short film)
The First Sign (nominated) (Short film)
The Waitresses (nominated) (Short film)
Fair City (Series)
Linda (Short film)
Forget Me Not: The Anne Frank Story (TV movie)
Detective Story (Drama)
A View from the Bridge (Drama)


The Cured (Feature film)
Other roles David Freyne Distribution: Bac Films International
Keys to the City (Feature film)
Geriatric Health Care Administrator (SR) Chris Brennan, Mel Cannon, and Laura Way Producer: Filmbase
Rememberer (Short film)
Leader (SR) Nadège Dumont and Carl Murphy
The First Sign (Short film)
Teresa Pastor (LR) Christina Krug and Carl Murphy
Passió, d'Emili Darder (Documentary movie)
Miquela Rovira (SR) Pere Salom Producer: Rec Productions
The Waitresses (Short film)
Dorothea (SR) Sofia Martell Producer: CEF
La Filosofía de la Futilidad (Short film)
Cati (SR) Marco Antonio Robledo Producer: E:MC2, Leitmotiv
Confessions of a Sleep Addict (Feature film)
Psychologist (SR) Erica Rothschild Producer: B.I.V. Pictures
Midnight Mambo (Feature film)
Imelda (SR) Philip Marino
Primary Colors (Feature film)
News Anchor (OR) Mike Nichols Distribution: Universal Pictures
Linda (Short film)
Sister María (SR) Vivien Lesnik Weisman
Mimic (Feature film)
Bystander SWAT arrival Guillermo del Toro Producer: Dimension Films, Miramax


Stoft och skugga (TV series)
Supporting role Producer: SVT Drama Station: Sveriges Television (SVT), Sweden
Vikingernes sidste rejse (Documentary series)
Viking trader (OR) James Velasquez Producer: Mopar Media Group Station: Nordic Entertainment Group
Fair City (TV series)
Oxanna (SR) Producer: Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) Station: Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ)
Laberint de Passions (TV series)
Cuca (SR) Humberto Miró, Pablo Guerrero & Xavi Borrell Producer: Bocaboca Producciones Station: IB3 Televisió
Saibhir Ach Salach (Documentary series)
Heroin addict (SR) Brenda Ni Shuilleabhain Producer: Nemesis Productions Station: TG4
Der Landarzt (TV series)
Hotel Rezeptionistin (OR) Station: Terranova Film- und Fernsehproduktion Otto Meissner KG, Germany
Crims, Kreutzer (TV series)
Clara da Silva (LR) Jordi Frades Station: Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), Barcelona
Manos a la Obra (TV series)
Doña Matilde (SR) Producer: Aspa Cine-Video S.L. Station: Antena 3 Televisión
Forget Me Not: The Anne Frank Story (TV movie)
Jewish woman (OR) Fred Holmes Producer: Grace Products Corporation


The Gingerbread Lady (Drama)
Evy Meara (LR) Anthony Caldarella Theater: The Lee Strasberg Creative Center
Detective Story (Drama)
Complainant (OR) Anthony Caldarella Producer: The Lee Strasberg Creative Center and Anna Strasberg Theater: The Marilyn Monroe Theatre
A View from the Bridge (Drama)
Italian neighbour (OR) Anthony Caldarella Producer: The Lee Strasberg Creative Center Theater: The Marilyn Monroe Theatre, Los Angeles
Don Juan Tenorio (Drama)
Brígida (SR) Producer: Morgana Teatre Theater: Sala Mozart, Auditorium, Palma




King Stockholm, Markus Ahlm, Business Club Royale, directed by Vedran Rupic