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Miguel Álvarez

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About me

Miguel lives in Madrid, he is an experienced and passionate actor, accustomed to working in a group and following the directions of directors, colleagues and crew. During these years he has been part of TV productions for Amazon Prime Video such as "The Wheel of Time" by Sony Pictures tv, "The English" by All3media, directed by Hugo Blick and starring Emily Blunt, "Warrior Nun" for Netflix, the first and second season of "The Gypsy Bride" directed by Paco Cabezas for Atresplayer premium, Michael Caleo´s "Sexy Beast" for Paramount+, and daily series "Mía es la venganza" by Alea media for RTVE, and The good mood production "4 estrellas" for Mediaset España.

He has knowledge of horsemanship at a professional level, where he has come to compete showjumping at a national level, he also practices skiing, skating, swimming and diving.

He trained in dramatic art at the Bululú 2120 acting school directed by Antonio Malonda and Yolanda Monreal. She also trained in dubbing, singing, and verse and dance monographs, among others. He is a light baritone and has experience recording in the studio, both spoken and sung.

Some of the plays in which we have been able to see Miguel are: “1940 Manuscrito en el Olvido” by Alberto Méndez, and “El Álbum Familiar” by José Luis Alonso de Santos, directed by Tolo Ferrà, “Playing with Tartufo ” version of Moliere's work and “The Cannibals” by George Tabori, both directed by Antonio Malonda.


Acting age
36-49 years
Year of birth
1974 (50 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Madrid (ES)
Housing options
Seville (ES), Bilbao (ES), Nord de Palma District (ES)
American-StandardAndalusian SpanishArgentinianLondonMexican(native dialect)
Diving (bottle)Horse ridingInline skatingskiing
Main profession
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Professional background

2000-2003 Curso de interpretación en Bululú 2120 dirigido por Antonio Malonda y Yolanda Monreal.

Other professional training

Las 3 disciplinas con Natalia Mateo
Eneagrama para actores - Pedro Espadas
English Dialect coaching Stevie Rickard
English Dialect coaching Naomi Todd
Masterclass Borja Cobeaga
Masterclass Enrique Urbizu
Course Montxo Armendáriz "Acting Look in film"
Course "Acting in front of the camera"
Locucion and dubbing Course
Scenic fight
Verse Seminar
School of Drama Bululú 2120
Dance and Movement


La venganza (Short film)
Main role Roberto Cerdá
Gasoline (Short film)
Hombre del traje gris (MR) Alberto Huete
Fuera de juego (Short film)
Entrenador (SR) Miguel Pons
Un lugar de todos (Short film)
Adrián Mancebo
Ensayo de actores (Short film)
Supporting role Jesús Monroy Producer: Nomada Films
Una reunión (Short film)
Supporting role Chester Wilder
Hueles a fudrón (Short film)
Jesús Monroy Producer: Nómada Films


Sexy Beast (TV series)
Capitán Gómez (EL) Michael Caleo, David Cafrey Producer: Michael Caleo Station: PARAMOUNT+ Distribution: PARAMOUNT+ Casting Director: Rachel Freck, Luci Lennox Written by: Michael Caleo
4 estrellas (TV series)
Garballo (SR) Luis Arribas Station: RTVE Distribution: RTVE Casting Director: Ana Sainz Trápaga / Patrícia Álvarez de Miranda
Mía es la venganza (TV series)
Jaime (SR) Pedro Martínez Producer: Alea media Station: Mediaset / Telecinco Casting Director: Juan León Written by: Aurora Guerra
La Red Púrpura / The Gypsy Bride (TV series)
Abel (SR) Paco Cabezas / Juan Miguel del Castillo Producer: Diagonal TV Station: Atresplayer Premium Distribution: Atresplayer Premium Casting Director: Laura Cepeda
La novia gitana - The gypsy bride (TV series)
Abel (SR) Paco Cabezas Producer: Diagonal Tv Station: Atresplayer Premium Casting Director: Laura Cepeda
Warrior Nun (TV series)
Stage tech (SR) Denis Rovira Producer: Simon Barry Station: Netflix Casting Director: Jonathan Clay Harris, Alyson Silverberg, Suzanne Smith, Luci Lennox
The English (TV series)
Timothy Flynn (SR) Hugo Blick Producer: Colin Wratten Station: BBC, Amazon Casting Director: Sam Jones
The Wheel of time (TV series)
King of Ghealdan (SR) Wayne Yip Producer: Rafe Judkins Station: Sony / Amazon Casting Director: Kelly Valentine Hendry
Chef pepo (TV show)
Chef Miguel (MR) Tolo Ferrà Producer: Foodmedialab S.L. Station: Filmin
Hospital Central (TV series)
Marcos (SR) Jacobo Rispa
Hospital Central (TV series)
Javier Pizarro


La Chef Pipa
Director (MR) Tolo Ferrà Producer: Coma14 creaciones escénicas
Miguel (MR) Roberto Cerdá Producer: 181 grados teatro y Hermanos Moreno PHCG Theater: Monólogo Written by: Roberto Cerdá
1940 Manuscrito encontrado en el olvido
Eulalio Ceballos (MR) Toló Ferra Producer: Coma14creaciones escenicas
Doctor (SR) Toló Ferrá Producer: Coma14creaciones escenicas
El Álbum familiar (Drama)
José Luis Alonso de Santos (MR) Tolo Ferrá Producer: 7teatro producciones
Sexo seguro, seguro Sexo
Rafael Sanchez Producer: 7teatro producciones
El contador de estrellas
Toló Ferra Producer: 7teatro producciones
Toló Ferrá Producer: 7teatro producciones
Los duendes de las letras
Toló Ferra Producer: 7teatro producciones
Los Caníbales
Ramaseder (MR) Antonio Malonda Producer: Accion Futura Producciones
Damatizada reading for SGA "ECCE Home"
Yolanda Monreal Producer: Accion Futura S.I
Maya ante el espejo
Toló Ferra Producer: 7teatro producciones
Jugando con tartufo
Antonio Malonda Producer: Accion Futura S.I


Lotería Primitiva - Neil Armstrong (Commercial)